Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three Little Words

Do.  It.  Yourself.

Better known as DIY!  How many of you out there are closet DIY-ers?  You see what others do and yearn to be able to do the same thing?  Do-it-Yourself can be achieved by simply re-creating a look you have seen before, or coming up with one yourself and putting all the pieces together to create a masterpiece!

I must admit, I am an HGTV junky!  I LOVE watching shows where folks re-do yards or homes and it ends so beautifully.  I always catching myself saying...I...sooooo...could have done that!

Well here, we believe that with the right products and some great photography, we can help you achieve your inner Do-it-Yourself persona!  Check out a few of the looks below that you can create in your own home or event space!  Try it, you will be surprised!  Then, you can deem yourself as a DIY Expert!

Below, create a DIY look in minutes using a graduated Cylinder Vase set, water, flowers of your choice, and some fun clip on Chalkboard frames!  The look took minutes to create and other than the flowers, each of the other products can be used time and time again!  This one easily would welcome folks into your outdoor space!  It's amazing how a simple touch can leave a lasting impression on your guests!

A vase in your home can be turned into a DIY addition with a little pop of color using vase fillers and a fresh flower stem right out of your own yard!

Hanging Mason Jars are a fun must-have DIY product to keep on hand!  Hang these from anywhere stable in your home and create a look that reflects your style.  This one just has a tiny bit of water and a single rose! Easy to create and a spectacular look!

Need to freshen up a corner in your home?  This time of year, fresh flowers are my go-to!  Grab a vase you have or get a fun new one with a interesting shape, place a mirror underneath, add a natural element like a bird...and a dull spot in your home is instantly brightened!

Hosting a PARTY!  I'm a huge believer that a little chalk goes a long way!  DIY made easy with Chalkboard accessories, fun stemless wine glasses, and creating an easy-to-do Rose ball inside of fun natural holders and Voila!  Let the Party Begin!

All these pictures above can be recreated in just minutes and add the perfect touch to your home or event space!  Go ahead...you can...DO-IT-YOURSELF!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Event Design ~ Height & Variety!

It's all about the Height & Variety!

When planning an event, it is so important to play with different heights and sometimes a variety of items to create a collection!  One of my favorite things to do is to elevate a group of candles on a glass block.  
Glass blocks provide not only a riser, but are a wonderful way to spread and magnify candlelight!  Glass blocks can also serve as a vessel to gather different candle holders to create a collection.

Think outside the box when putting a tablescape together!  I love to take real leaves or even faux leaves, spray them off with paint in a bright color and group the items into  a whimsical tablescape!  

Think about things you have access to and how you can group several items into your "look".  Come up with an "out~of~ the~box" tablescape.  Have fun with your next event, add a little whimsy so everyone will remember it!

Happy Planning!
Written by: Joel Kirby - Curly Willow Designs

Monday, March 17, 2014

Featured Wedding!

We LOVE Weddings!

Around our offices this time of the year starts getting a bit Wedding Crazy!  Our phones are ringing off the hook and our staff is full of excitement and joy as they assist Brides, Mothers of the Brides, even grooms while they pick out candles and glassware that will be just perfect for their BIG Day!

One of our Brides from last season recently shared some of her photographs from her amazing Wedding!

Take a look and enjoy the amazing eye-candy from 
Nitin and Noreen's Wedding!

Gorgeous gold accents added to her spectacular style!

The happy couple getting ready for their BIG Day!
I simply loved the rich tone of her gown and all the embellishments!
Don't forget on your BIG Day to make sure to have some quiet moments that just the two of your share!
The location was simply gorgeous and adding a Tented Reception topped off the site!
Traditional dance, attire, and family all made this Wedding uniquely theirs!

The carefully positioned extra tall centerpieces were surrounded by lovely Cylinders with floating candles!

Mixing flowers and candle light add a soft and beautiful glow to the tables!
I love that they didn't forget the nighttime lighting as their guests left!  Cylinder vases with Pillar Candles inside gorgeous wire lanterns line the pathway with a beautiful glow to end a wonderful night!
Thanks so much for the candles! They really provided such a golden glow!

As you plan your perfect Wedding Day, remember it's a day to celebrate LOVE and a new life together!

If you would like your Wedding to be featured here, simply email laura@quickcandles.com!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Color Trends 2014!

It's All About Color!

Every year it is so interesting to see "what will be the colors of the year?!"  Did you know that you can google the Wedding colors of the year and see Pantone Shades for the year?  Well, TA-DA...
The 2014 TRENDING COLORS OF THE YEAR ARE (drum roll please...)

Pantone 15-3920 Placid Blue
Pantone 16-3823 Violet Tulip
Pantone 15-6114 Hemlock
Pantone 16-000 Paloma
Pantone 15-1225 Sand
Pantone 14-0852 Freesia
Pantone 18-1651 Cayenne
Pantone 17-1360 Celosia Orange
Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid
Pantone 18-3949 Dazzling Blue

Read more:  http://www.dexigner.com/news/26945

See colors:

So, now let's take a look at some of these colors put into action:

Shades of Orange (Celosia Orange) and Coral (Cayenne) have not always been as popular as they are today.  But you can find orange in every store and on every website right now.  I love using orange and coral because the intensity of both colors are so incredible against a backdrop.  In the two pictures below I used flowers that were all shades of orange in hanging glass vessels.

 Shades of Blue (Placid Blue or Dazzling Blue) can be stunning as well!  Have you ever used the flower Blue Thistle?  I love Thistle because it really is a true blue.  Blue Hydrangea flowers are also a great way to get a little blue action in an arrangement.

PANTONE's Freesia or a shade of yellow can be a real knock-out!  Shades of yellow "shout" Spring and Summer and can look great paired with a dark counterpart, even black!  Lilies, roses, freesia, mums and sunflowers are all great and proven winners to get a great yellow look.

Purples (Radiant Orchid or Violet Tulip) look fabulous paired together in masses.  This time of year is Tulip time and who doesn't love Tulips!  Did you know that you can dip Tulip blooms in one part Elmer's Glue and two parts water mixed together and keep the blooms from popping open too early?  Tulips are just simple and easy!  Just throw a bunch in a glass vase with water and...WHAT A STUNNER!

Green (Hemlock), the ultimate spring color!  We are all anxiously waiting for everything to turn green at this time of year!  Foliage would always be one way to use green, but how about green hydrangea?  A mass of green hydrangea is so simple and elegant and hard to pass up.

Have fun trying the new colors of 2014!  Happy Planning!

Written by:  Joel Kirby - Curly Willow Designs

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wedding Flowers!

What Flowers to use at MY WEDDING???

What a HUGE topic this is for a Bride.  Sometimes determining flowers can be hard to do because there are so many flowers to choose from!  But, have you ever heard the term K.I.S.S.?
That is what I want to do for you.  I want to give you a list of flowers that I think are 'tried and true', that hold up well in different conditions, and for the most part, will not 'Break the Bank'!

The ROSE...who doesn't love a rose?  Roses are wonderful because they come in thousands of colors, they hold up well in the heat, and they are so easy to mass together to get a fantastic, strong look!  Roses are easy to find - from the Grocery Store to the mass warehouse stores, even the Internet!  Roses are easy to source and can make the look of a wedding!

GERBER DAISY...Bright and Cheery!  Gerber Daisies are great large flowers that are so easy to use as single flowers or even in a group to really give a bright punch of color to any wedding decor.

SPIDER MUMS...Are you on a budget?  I LOVE Spider Mums because they are simple to use and just incredible as far as holding up for days at a time and even in the heat of the summer!  Spider Mums are phenomenal to float in a vase or use in a simple bud vase for an inexpensive, but great look!  I happen to love green Spider Mums because of how they really embrace a natural look.

DENDROBIUM ORCHIDS...Awwwwww...ORCHIDS!  I love to mix in orchids into any event, they are one of the strongest flowers around as far as holding up for days and days.  Orchids are great because they can hold up for 8-10 hours out of water (shaded from the sun), so you can just lay them on a table and get a great look.  While they are a little bit more expensive, a few orchid stems go a long way as far as the look they offer!

CARNATIONS...YES, I said it, CARNATIONS!  I know, people sometimes think they are tacky and cheap, but again, think MASS!  I love to mass carnations into an Oasis wet foam ball and just lay it on a table or even hang the balls.  It is simple to do and very elegant when done!

Written by:  Joel Kirby ~ Curly Willow Designs

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding and Event Inspired Tablescapes!

Bring it back to NATURE!

Sometimes it seems so hard to come up with something new, something that looks really special!  When I have that issue of creating another new look, the answer can be so simple...Bring It Back To NATURE! Who doesn't love old wood, sticks, stones, moss, vines, etc!  It can be so easy if you just follow nature's cues.  In one of the pictures I am including in this post, I started with old wood!  As a matter of fact, old wood from my parents old pier on a lake!  I used the wood to give the Tablescape a ground, a touch of height on a raised level.  The old wood serves as a way to gather and group a collection.  What do you own that you can gather into a collection?  Using a little of everything I had in my inventory, I grouped galvanized vases, copper vases, lanterns, glass cylinders filled with candles and masses of flowers to create a nature inspired collection.

Maybe you don't have old wood just lying around, but think outside of the box, or should I say "outside of the pallet"!  Need old wood, look for an old pallet.  If the wood isn't totally the look you desired, throw some sheet moss on it, and wha-la, you can have a beautiful carpet of moss to enhance any floral ensemble, vase, or candle you can dream up!  If you just don't have a selection of random vases or glass, don't underestimate the power of a mason jar!  Mason jars are everywhere to be found and just incredible with a candle, dried beans and a candle, rice and a candle...just think about whatever is available!  I have decided it is time for me to break the barrier and try jar fillers from Quick Candles in mason jars.  I love the idea of taking an old jar and jazzing it up with modern glass-look vase fillers!  Stay tuned, I will let you know how it turns out!

Written by:  Joel Kirby, Curly Willow Designs

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Wedding Season! Looking for Centerpiece ideas?

Do you dream about your Wedding day?  Do you dream about how to make it intimate, special, and memorable?

During the 1980's and 1990's there seemed to be a push to make wedding flowers as big and bold as you could to create quite a show!  Today, my goal as an Event Planner has been to make a wedding intimate, and to make the BIG DAY feel warm and cozy, where wedding guests feel like sitting down with each other to really visit and enjoy a special time...a time that captures the personalities of the couple I am working with.

I am really taking the focus off huge monolithic flower arrangements these days and focusing on ways to make a table centerpiece special, intimate, memorable, and really the focus of the event!  If you want people to visit and feel connected, make sure the centerpiece is below 14 inches in height.  That way, people can see across a table and visit with other guests.  Ask yourself, what am I trying to tell guests through the centerpiece design?  By adding tons of candlelight you are telling folks this is a warm inviting space.  By repeating the same flower arrangement on a table you are responding to simplicity, yet really engaging the onlooker by the sheer masses of flowers.  By layering tons of vases, in different shapes and sizes, a table starts capturing attention of the onlooker with surprises, and the surprises hold people's attention.  Placing flowers and candles loosely in glassware is pretty expected as far as centerpieces go.  But by having a portion of those flowers and candles floating or submersed in the water can shake up 'the expected' way to do it! 

What if the flowers for an arrangement were glued to the outside of the vase: now that is unexpected and special!

Written by:  Joel Kirby, Curly Willow Designs