Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Intimate Glow in the UK

Thames River by Candlelight!

An Intimate Glow created with Quick Candles products! 

Enjoying the famous Thames River by candlelight might be something many of us dream of, but this became reality for hundreds of diners recently during the Blackout Event that was part of the 2013 The Mayor’s Thames Festival.

Every day is exciting at Quick Candles, but my days were certainly boosted when we were contacted in August by Le Pont De La Tour to see if we could provide enough candles and the perfect holders for their ten night event.  As the plan came together we were able to provide pillar candles, cylindersvotive candles, and votive holders.  Ten nights with nothing but candlelight...

Wining and dining with D & D London’s riverside restaurants by the exquisite glow of Quick Candles products was a dream come true for many.  You capture memories in your heart, but these photos prove that those ten nights were perfect under London Bridge.

Written By: Linda - Customer Service Team member

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