Friday, September 6, 2013

Birds and Birds Nests

Feeling stumped and just can’t seem to come up with something great to decorate with?  Our resident expert, Joel Kirby with Curly Willow Designs, always looks outside to nature for ideas.  If you want easy, buy a nest and a bird!

Group the Birds and Nests with a few votive candles, a stick laid on a table or even a small bouquet of wildflowers and you will have a nature inspired look!!!   

Need height for your table...lay a nest on top of a glass cylinder vase and you just got height!  The nest is a great way to have a base item that you can change up seasonally. 

Need a fall look, gather leaves and gourds and put in the nest.  If you want a Christmas look fill the nest with faux snow and glass balls.  The holidays are right around the corner, so think about what you have to put in the nests and make an easy centerpiece!

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