Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fantastic NEW Decorative Wire

Fantastic NEW Decorative Wire!

So I personally love to add pops of color to anything around my house or office!  We recently got in this NEW product ~ Decorative Wire.  Not only is it colorful, it is so amazingly easy to use!  I can't say enough...I LOVE IT, with a Capital L!

The wire itself comes on rolls and is available in either round or flat.  Both types cut so easily as we were photographing it, we kept saying - It is so easy to cut!  The ease is just part of what makes this product FAB...the functionality of it is also a HUGE plus.  When thinking of hanging certain items either on your deck or patio or from a tree, this wire will be your best friend.  The wire is substantial enough to hold our glass hanging candle holders from tree limbs.  Forget about twine, this wire is the way to go!  It adds intrigue to the item you are hanging and can either blend seamlessly into the outdoors if using a muted color or add just the right flair by amping up with a festive colored wire.

 I also like the fact that a roll of wire can re-purpose items in my home that I have decided are "has-beens".  Think about different containers that are under your sink, or old vases that have been tucked away...get out this wire and have a little fun wrapping it around to create unique shapes, grab some greenery out of your yard, and WOWZA...a fabulous look out of something that had been forgotten in your home!

 The best thing about this product is that even children can help you create!  In our studio we simply cut off pieces and barely curved them to create a ribbon effect.  Simple, yes...but boy is it FESTIVE! 

Use this wire to write fun sayings, use in event settings, home spaces, on kitchen islands or mantels...think Birthdays or Holidays!  Get creative and starting designing...and don't forget to let me know if you LOVE this new Decorative Wire as much as I do!

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