Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fabulous Fall!

I LOVE this time of year when the air is changing, the leaves dance thru the air, and acorns are plenty in my yard!  FALL...

As you decorate, always think about the seasonal items that will add that fresh pop of FALL into your space.  Choose natural pumpkins and mums that will carry you all the way through until Thanksgiving to get the most out of your decorations.  Enhance those items by adding fresh new Burlap colored ribbon and Burlap pot wraps.  Both of these products will be re-usable and enhance your home all throughout the year.

Entertaining guests in the Fall offers so many fabulous opportunities for decorations.  Adding florals in orange, red, and yellow mixed with gourds and candle light will delight guests.  Get creative and add table runners in burlap for a festive splash of color.

Don't forget that seasonal candy quickly, easily, and affordably can enhance your decorating by simply adding to existing containers you may already have at your home.  Mixing in candles with the candy might even keep your guests from eating it all!

Natural elements are great since they are ones that can be used all year long.  I love the fact that Decorative Wire can be incorporated into any design with a little creativity.  Tracing leaves right out of your own yard with the wire, like Joel (our Resident Expert from Curly Willow Designs) shows below amps up your design and can be a project that you do with your children or friends!

Think outside the traditional decorations from years past and "FESTIVE" it up this year by adding elements that you might not have used before! 

Happy Planning!

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