Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gorgeous Glass!

I love glass!
The curves of it, the hand-blown elements of certain pieces, the functionality of glass holders...put all those things together and you could classify me as a "Glass Junky"!

Guess I am lucky that my job incorporates one of my simple pleasures.  And now, more so than ever!

We just got in, our warehouse and available online, a load of gorgeous pieces of glass...Vases, Cylinders, Pedastal Candle Holders, even HUGE glass containers all at seriously unbelievable prices!  And I do mean unbelievable prices...the quality for the price cannot be beat!

One of my absolute favorite things to keep on hand at my house is beautiful bud vases!  I not only keep them for myself (buy one - keep one philosophy) but I keep on hand in my gift closet to surprise a friend, welcome
someone to the neighborhood, or as a cute hostess gift!  The new Eastland Pinched Bud Vase is just perfect
for all of the above!  With its thick glass and interesting insets on each side, the stem that is placed inside is magnified, and the flower is beautifully showcase!

I also have an affection for big, thick, chunky glass!  Our new Eastland Heavy Glass Cylinders have the slightest tint to the glass and are so amazingly thick.  Over the Holidays I plan to fill these full of some of my favorite Christmas glass balls that have design elements and watch how they shimmer through the glass when I bury an LED Submersible tealight inside!  Ooooohhhhh, it's going to look amazing!

For the edgier customer, we have added some very interesting glass that has clean lines, thick accents within the glass, and an ultra-heavy weight!  These vases will easily incorporate into a festive decor by adding your favorite flowers or stems for pops of color.  Like our Eastland Elliptic Vase below:

And one of the coolest products we have added are 7 sizes of Bubble Ball Vases.  This is just a fun product. We love hearing how our customers use these vases.  The fact that they are so versatile - easily holding bursts of your favorite flowers, floating candles or really any assortment of candles, vase fillers, themed items stuffed inside for events, or the actual live fish!  Our largest Bubble Ball Vase at 12" is enormous and will soon be the new home of our Quick Candles Mascot...a FISH, yet to be named!

No matter what style of glass you are looking for, whether for flowers, candles, or any other array of combinations, you'll find one perfectly suited to you!  With over 40 styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless...and I just might turn you into a "Glass Junky" too!

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