Thursday, November 21, 2013

'Tis the Season for Luminaries!

As the Holidays approach, the excitement builds as you begin listening to Christmas music and I know some of you are already are doing so, you start taking tons of pictures to get THE PERFECT HOLIDAY CARD, decide on how you'll decorate this year, and sift through the invitations to Holiday gatherings.

Many parties and events this season will choose Luminary sets to add to the festive spirit of the season.  Luminaries are a wonderful way to light up the neighborhood, line the walkway to your home, or welcome guests into an event.  They also are a great fundraiser option!  There is something quite magical about seeing a whole neighborhood lit up with Luminaries!

Traditional Christmas Eve luminarias are said to originate from Spaniard merchants.  They were impressed with the Paper lanterns from the Chinese culture and decided to make their own version when they returned to New Spain; particularly during the Christmas season.  They decided to use more "hearty" materials.  Traditionally, luminarias are made from brown paper bags weighted down with sand and illuminated from within by a lit candle.  These typically are arranged in rows to create large and elaborate displays.

Today, Luminaries can be purchased in sets that include the bags and different candle options.  The shift from brown paper bags to white has occurred in recent years.  And using LED tealights has become a preferred choice since there are no fire hazards or worries of the flames blowing out.


Remember to keep safety a priority in all lighting around your home!  Choose great Flameless LED Candle options over the holidays!

So go ahead, Light up the Night with fabulous Luminaries this season! 
Share your photos with us by #quickcandles. 
We'd love to see how you do it!

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