Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Wedding Season! Looking for Centerpiece ideas?

Do you dream about your Wedding day?  Do you dream about how to make it intimate, special, and memorable?

During the 1980's and 1990's there seemed to be a push to make wedding flowers as big and bold as you could to create quite a show!  Today, my goal as an Event Planner has been to make a wedding intimate, and to make the BIG DAY feel warm and cozy, where wedding guests feel like sitting down with each other to really visit and enjoy a special time...a time that captures the personalities of the couple I am working with.

I am really taking the focus off huge monolithic flower arrangements these days and focusing on ways to make a table centerpiece special, intimate, memorable, and really the focus of the event!  If you want people to visit and feel connected, make sure the centerpiece is below 14 inches in height.  That way, people can see across a table and visit with other guests.  Ask yourself, what am I trying to tell guests through the centerpiece design?  By adding tons of candlelight you are telling folks this is a warm inviting space.  By repeating the same flower arrangement on a table you are responding to simplicity, yet really engaging the onlooker by the sheer masses of flowers.  By layering tons of vases, in different shapes and sizes, a table starts capturing attention of the onlooker with surprises, and the surprises hold people's attention.  Placing flowers and candles loosely in glassware is pretty expected as far as centerpieces go.  But by having a portion of those flowers and candles floating or submersed in the water can shake up 'the expected' way to do it! 

What if the flowers for an arrangement were glued to the outside of the vase: now that is unexpected and special!

Written by:  Joel Kirby, Curly Willow Designs

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