Monday, March 3, 2014

Wedding Flowers!

What Flowers to use at MY WEDDING???

What a HUGE topic this is for a Bride.  Sometimes determining flowers can be hard to do because there are so many flowers to choose from!  But, have you ever heard the term K.I.S.S.?
That is what I want to do for you.  I want to give you a list of flowers that I think are 'tried and true', that hold up well in different conditions, and for the most part, will not 'Break the Bank'!

The ROSE...who doesn't love a rose?  Roses are wonderful because they come in thousands of colors, they hold up well in the heat, and they are so easy to mass together to get a fantastic, strong look!  Roses are easy to find - from the Grocery Store to the mass warehouse stores, even the Internet!  Roses are easy to source and can make the look of a wedding!

GERBER DAISY...Bright and Cheery!  Gerber Daisies are great large flowers that are so easy to use as single flowers or even in a group to really give a bright punch of color to any wedding decor.

SPIDER MUMS...Are you on a budget?  I LOVE Spider Mums because they are simple to use and just incredible as far as holding up for days at a time and even in the heat of the summer!  Spider Mums are phenomenal to float in a vase or use in a simple bud vase for an inexpensive, but great look!  I happen to love green Spider Mums because of how they really embrace a natural look.

DENDROBIUM ORCHIDS...Awwwwww...ORCHIDS!  I love to mix in orchids into any event, they are one of the strongest flowers around as far as holding up for days and days.  Orchids are great because they can hold up for 8-10 hours out of water (shaded from the sun), so you can just lay them on a table and get a great look.  While they are a little bit more expensive, a few orchid stems go a long way as far as the look they offer!

CARNATIONS...YES, I said it, CARNATIONS!  I know, people sometimes think they are tacky and cheap, but again, think MASS!  I love to mass carnations into an Oasis wet foam ball and just lay it on a table or even hang the balls.  It is simple to do and very elegant when done!

Written by:  Joel Kirby ~ Curly Willow Designs

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