Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three Little Words

Do.  It.  Yourself.

Better known as DIY!  How many of you out there are closet DIY-ers?  You see what others do and yearn to be able to do the same thing?  Do-it-Yourself can be achieved by simply re-creating a look you have seen before, or coming up with one yourself and putting all the pieces together to create a masterpiece!

I must admit, I am an HGTV junky!  I LOVE watching shows where folks re-do yards or homes and it ends so beautifully.  I always catching myself saying...I...sooooo...could have done that!

Well here, we believe that with the right products and some great photography, we can help you achieve your inner Do-it-Yourself persona!  Check out a few of the looks below that you can create in your own home or event space!  Try it, you will be surprised!  Then, you can deem yourself as a DIY Expert!

Below, create a DIY look in minutes using a graduated Cylinder Vase set, water, flowers of your choice, and some fun clip on Chalkboard frames!  The look took minutes to create and other than the flowers, each of the other products can be used time and time again!  This one easily would welcome folks into your outdoor space!  It's amazing how a simple touch can leave a lasting impression on your guests!

A vase in your home can be turned into a DIY addition with a little pop of color using vase fillers and a fresh flower stem right out of your own yard!

Hanging Mason Jars are a fun must-have DIY product to keep on hand!  Hang these from anywhere stable in your home and create a look that reflects your style.  This one just has a tiny bit of water and a single rose! Easy to create and a spectacular look!

Need to freshen up a corner in your home?  This time of year, fresh flowers are my go-to!  Grab a vase you have or get a fun new one with a interesting shape, place a mirror underneath, add a natural element like a bird...and a dull spot in your home is instantly brightened!

Hosting a PARTY!  I'm a huge believer that a little chalk goes a long way!  DIY made easy with Chalkboard accessories, fun stemless wine glasses, and creating an easy-to-do Rose ball inside of fun natural holders and Voila!  Let the Party Begin!

All these pictures above can be recreated in just minutes and add the perfect touch to your home or event space!  Go ahead...you can...DO-IT-YOURSELF!!!

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